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Interview with Dr. Albino


“This book is a key to understand the Latin American situation on abortion. The right to life is the primary and most basic of all rights, though not always the most defended.” Read more- Carolina Cuenca, Journalist in Asunción, Paraguay
“The best way to defend the helpless is stating what we think and what we believe, and there is no better way to do so but through this book.” Read more- Cdor. Marcelo Costa, Ex Minister for Finance, Province of Mendoza
“The right to life has been -and will always be- the first right on which all other rights rest. It is therefore imperative, not only defend it, but also promote a wider protection of it.” Read more - Alejandro Ordóñez Maldonado, Attorney General for Colombia
“It has come to my hands the report “Defending the Human Right to Life in Latin America” a very important document that shows a detailed overview of the legal and social situation of the right to life in several countries of the region, including my own country.” Read more- Richard Izquierdo, President, Generación Provida Paraguay, a pro life NGO
"The book “Defending the Human Right to Life in Latin America” has a great importance, since in a single volume it can be found important references on the legislative, judicial and political situation of the right to life, in seven countries of the region.” Read more- Eugenia del Carmen Diez Hidalgo, President of the Mexican Commission on Human Rights and adviser at the National Commission on Human Rights
“As it clearly describes the book “Defending the human right to life in Latin America”, Latin American countries reflect a long history of respect and protection of the human right to life.” Read more- José Darío Salazar Cruz, Senator. Ex president of the Conservative Party of Colombia