The right to life is the first human right of all. The right to health is a human right that is the prerequisite to preserve the first right of all, the right to life. But how are these rights defended? And how are they promoted?

For many years there have been countless numbers of pregnant women and children whose very lives have been threatened, who have lived in extreme poverty and have experienced marginalization due to the lack of protection of their fundamental rights.  The clamor for the care and promotion of their rights has made its way to governments and international human rights organizations.

The desire to combat this utterly lamentable reality has led Defending Lives to launch a training program designed to instruct, educate and inform concerned parties in the defense of their rights. That is why we have developed an Online Diploma on Maternal Care and Child Mortality: A Human Rights’ Vision.

The Online Diploma program is specifically designed for lawyers, law professors, students, doctors, journalists and the public sector irrespective of whether they have prior training in this area of human rights.  Fundamentally, the idea is that people from otherwise inexperienced backgrounds may become the factor of change that the vulnerable population of women and children so desperately need.

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